YawVR Unity SDK
YawVR Unity SDK Documentation

Yaw VR Motion Simulator Unity package v.0.5

Git repository: https://bitbucket.org/yawvr/unity-sdk/src/master/

Description about yaw device communication


Yaw VR package helps you managing and controlling Yaw VR Motion Simulator from your unity project.


Import YawVR package into your unity project (include everything)

How it works

The YawController sends the YawTracker object’s orientation to the connected device.
To control the simulator, you just have to animate/control the YawTracker object’s orientation, and it’ll be sent to the physical device.



Detailed usage of YawController gameObject

YawController gameObject is responsible for discovering available simulators, connecting to a device, sending commands.

In order to call YawController gameObject to set up and control your simulator, you have to use its singleton instance:



All simulator related classes are found under YawVR namespace, so you either use full class paths,

(e.g. YawVR.YawController.<…>() ; )

or you can omit it with  the using directive:

using namespace YawVR;

YawController.<…>() ;

YawController uses callbacks and delegate functions to provide feedback about asynchronous events (eg. connection success/failure)

To use acceleration as the motion source of simulator rotation, your reference gameObject must have a Rigidbody component.

        (e.g. you call this method when you start a new game scene)

(e.g. you call this method when user opens menu during the game)

(e.g. you call this method when user exits from the game)